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What is Qlab?

What is QLab?

QLab® runs shows of all sizes, all over the world. From intimate storefront theaters to televised events reaching billions of people across the globe, QLab is the tool designers trust to make their live shows come to life. Flexible, reliable, and easy to learn, QLab is the industry standard for a reason.

What does QLab do?

QLab makes it simple to create intricate designs of light, sound, and video, which you play back during a live performance.
QLab allows you to lock in exactly how you want the light, sound, and video to play during your performance. When you’re done designing, you’ll switch to “show mode” and run your show just by pressing “GO”.

What makes QLab different?

QLab is designed specifically to handle the needs of live events, like theater. The person running the show each night can react to what is happening on stage, such as waiting for a scene to finish before they trigger a scene transition, or even to handle the case where a performer accidentally skips a few lines and jumps ahead. QLab can react dynamically to what is happening on stage, or it can be programmed to play back precisely the same way every night. Most shows will be a mix of both.

Who uses QLab?

There’s a good chance you’ll find QLab in your local theater. You’ll also see it on
Broadway, The West End, at Fairs, Casino’s, Corporate Events, Cruise Ships, Churches,
Sports Stadiums, Schools, Dance Studios, Museums & more. 
Artists from Magicians, Jugglers, Hypnotists, Musicians, Comedians, Presenters,
Speakers, Cirque Performers, Music teachers, Dance Teachers, Drama Teachers all use QLab 
to make their show go.
Who uses QLab? Honestly… Everybody! 🙂 
  • Magicians
  • Jugglers
  • Hypnotists
  • Ventriloquist’s
  • Comedians
  • Musicians
  • Aerialists
  • Cirque Acts
  • Show Producers
  • Circuses
  • School Plays
  • Fair Shows
  • Corporate Events
  • Event Planners
  • Trade Show Presenters
  • Speakers
  • Game Shows
and so much more!

How do I get started?

The first thing to do is download the software. It’s a free download, and many of QLab’s features are even free to use. Really! 
Then watch our Tutorial on learn how to unlock the secrets of the software that will change your life!
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